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Is Vikings Worth Watching? (Vikings vs. GoT vs. The Last Kingdom)

If you're like me, you like to make sure that TV shows are actually good before you invest your time in binging every episode of every season. ...

12 Interesting Answers About the ‘Vikings’ TV Series (Incl. Timeline)

As a Nordic person and a Norse nerd watching this show, I had a slew of corrections and questions pop up in my head while watching, and ...

Viking Origins, Ancestry & Why They Set Out on Adventure

So you might have heard about their conquests, and seen the many (sometimes ridiculous) depictions of them in pop culture, but do you know where the ...

Norse vs. Norwegian vs. Nordic: Differences Explained

I get it! With all these terms about us Northern European folks that kinda look and sound similar, it's not easy to tell all the words apart. So if ...

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