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Karl Andersson
As a native Swede with a Finnish mother, I spent my youth exploring the Nordics and Scandinavia with my family. After my military service, I left Sweden to discover the rest of the world and stayed abroad for almost 8 years—during which I backpacked, worked every job I could find, earned a degree from UC Berkeley, and met the future mother of my children. I ultimately returned to my beloved Malmö with my new love, where we are now raising our 3 Swedish-American boys (also eager to explore the world we live in).

So you can say I identify pretty strongly as both Nordic and Scandinavian (as well as Swedish, and definitely Scanian if you want to get nit-picky), without knowing exactly which one to pick when trying to explain my regional and cultural origins to someone I’ve just met.

This is of course mostly due to the two terms being used interchangeably in most places, essentially meaning the same thing for most people on this planet. But it also gets a bit complicated for me because:

  1. My mother is from Finland, which around these parts is usually not included under the term Scandinavian (the more generally preferred collective term for us northern European folks). Being of Swedish/Finnish origins is definitely very Nordic.
  2. I grew up in Malmö which is the biggest city in Skåne, Sweden. Malmö is located right next to Denmark (my Scanian ancestors even used to be Danish). In other words: very Scandinavian, too.

Anyways, I tend to get extremely nerdy about photography, design, travels, history, names, and gaming—and also to talk my international friends’ ears off about the Nordic way of life, and how they should come to visit us so that I can show them around Scandinavia.

Growing up in Sweden with regular trips to Finland, Denmark, and occasionally Norway, I’ve felt the strong connection between the people of the Nordic countries first-hand, and have fallen in love with so many Nordic gems over the years. I love to share these gems with other people, and I discover new ones every year.

This connection between us northerners is something I have felt again and again bumping into fellow Nordics/Scandinavians while exploring the rest of the world. It happens quite often too—as Scandinavians have had a strong inclination towards travel of various kinds for quite a while now, which you may have heard of in one of your history books (*cough* Vikings).

It’s almost like there is so much shared heritage and culture that it is practically impossible not to be able to relate to one another.

This has led me to do a deep-dive into the region’s unique history, and I often find myself reading books and long articles about Vikings, medieval Scandinavian power struggles, or the Northern Wars.

To sum it up, I love exploring the Nordics, and I’m thoroughly enjoying introducing my own sons to their Scandinavian heritage, surroundings, and culture. I’ve started to document all the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years, and I hope you’ll enjoy these resources and any visits you may have to the Nordic region!


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