Is Scandinavia a Country? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Three!)

Don't worry, you're definitely not alone in wondering this. I've come across this question so many times during my travels, especially when I ...

Finnish Heritage: Nordic, Viking, and Baltic Ties Explained

Most Finns took a different route to the Nordic region than their Scandinavian brothers in the west during the early stone age migration periods, ...

Norse vs. Norwegian vs. Nordic: Differences Explained

I get it! With all these terms about us Northern European folks that kinda look and sound similar, it's not easy to tell all the words apart. So if ...

Nordic Traits: What Scandinavians Actually Look Like, Now And Then

The Nordic/Scandinavian physical stereotypes are as cliche as they are well-known—the stereotypical Scandis are expected to be a bunch of ...

Nordic vs. Scandinavian: Meaning & Usage Explained

Even people living in these countries sometimes struggle to explain the differences between being Nordic and Scandinavian. With good reason ...


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