Quiz: Do I Look Scandinavian? (Based on Data)

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Do I Look Scandinavian?

What is your natural hair color?
Optimized close up of fluttering colored dyed hair of young 2021 12 09 21 20 33 utc
What color are your eyes?
Optimized close up of eye 2021 09 02 00 31 02 utc
Do you actively seek out the sun in your everyday life?
Optimized soaking up the sun 2021 08 28 05 54 33 utc
Do you have body hair on your arms and legs?
closeup of a human arm and vein 2021 08 27 00 02 53 utc min scaled
Is your nose narrow or wide?
Optimized a very close up portrait of a couple in love who l 2021 09 04 06 31 12 utc
How tall are you?
Optimized sibings checking height 2021 08 27 00 03 54 utc 1
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If you would like to dive deeper into Scandinavian roots, traits, and looks after you’ve finished the quiz, here are some articles for further reading:

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By Karl Andersson

As a native Swede with a Finnish mother, Karl identifies as both Nordic and Scandinavian. He left Sweden at 19 to explore the world, and stayed abroad for almost 8 years—during which he backpacked, worked every job there was, earned a degree from UC Berkeley, and met the future mother of his children. He ultimately returned to his native Malmö with his love, where they now have 3 Swedish-American boys eager to explore the world.

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  1. Excuse me. All four of my grandparents were born in Sweden. All the women are blondes or redheads. I’ve traced my family back to 1520 Sweden. My DNA results are 88% Swedish, 2% Neanderthal, 1% Densovian, 6% Sami, 3% Celtic. How can you say I’m not Swedish?

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