Where Do Scandinavians Travel Abroad? (Data, Facts & Trends)

Scandinavians love to travel, that's no secret. In fact, Nordic countries occupy 4 out of the top 5 spots in a study conducted pre-covid which ...

Is Scandinavia a Country? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Three!)

Don't worry, you're definitely not alone in wondering this. I've come across this question so many times during my travels, especially when I ...

Travel Showdown: Sweden Vs. Norway (Where To Go?)

For those looking for a Scandinavian adventure, both Sweden and Norway will be excellent choices that will leave you with many great memories. ...

Norway Travel Rating: What To Expect If You Visit

So you are considering a visit to Norway, or maybe you're just curious about how expensive Norway is. Either way, here is a balanced and ...

Norse vs. Norwegian vs. Nordic: Differences Explained

I get it! With all these terms about us Northern European folks that kinda look and sound similar, it's not easy to tell all the words apart. So if ...


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